End of Year trip 2015

From home to boarding was a fun trip itself... 

Dropped in at Ann Arbor and saw baby Max, he is a big brother now...

Toronto, the next stop, first to stroll The Distillery District, then to the unbelievably delicious family end-year-dinner, Lai-Wah-Heen, take my words, do not read their menu, it will destroy both your wallet and diet plan. 

Next morning was to the Art Gallery of Ontario, for the kind of intellectual like myself, art gallery wasn't nearly exciting as the fresh-made street food Gina happened to find. Hehehe. 

Hopping back to the US side, visited the Henry Ford Museum, and final meet Ariel Kuo for the first time. 

Home-bound air from DTW to BOS, what's waiting ahead was yet another holiday feast... always a great way to end a trip. 


Thanksgiving NYC 2015

It's that time of the year! Thanksgiving means reunion for ppls born and raised in this land, but it means VACATION for us. What's best than to have a quick stroll to the big apple! 

First and the foremost, Mitsuwa Market place

As a family tradition, we use Mitsuwa like a department store in Tokyo, took lots of to-go food back to the hotel for a Thanksgiving feast, I told you, this is a million light years better than the turkey and cranberry sauce for my Asian stomach. Of course, some swimming and bed jumping activities were unavoidable for boys. 

NYC NYC, where do you start? We started from DimSum at Chinatown, followed by Espresso bar in Soho, accidentally got into Kate Spade, where they offered kids activities allowing Moms to fire up on the bag hunting... In the afternoon, The Cloisters Museum provided a great educational gateway to medieval Europe via its art, architecture and garden. Dinner was to meet up with old friends in Katz's


To a wedding that I am not shooting

Got to stopped by Palisades Park, New Jersey for some korean BBQ

Quick visit to Philly, Reading Terminal Market

The Mall at DC and Daikaya, had a few tapas/drinks while waited for ramen downstairs, great night out

Not going home without trying Philly cheese steak and some Mitsuwa Japanese plates 

First Wedding Photography

When is your first time covering a wedding? Nathan and Darren started at 7 and 5... 

They took turns using my Fuji X100 to cover the whole wedding... at their own pace and style, I didn't touch camera at all as soon as the bride walked down the aisle, the result was surprising and remarkably beautiful. A second grader and a kinder-gardener shooting wedding with Fuji X100, that sounded like one of those headlines you often seen on some photo blogs. Hahaha!