End of Year trip 2015

From home to boarding was a fun trip itself... 

Dropped in at Ann Arbor and saw baby Max, he is a big brother now...

Toronto, the next stop, first to stroll The Distillery District, then to the unbelievably delicious family end-year-dinner, Lai-Wah-Heen, take my words, do not read their menu, it will destroy both your wallet and diet plan. 

Next morning was to the Art Gallery of Ontario, for the kind of intellectual like myself, art gallery wasn't nearly exciting as the fresh-made street food Gina happened to find. Hehehe. 

Hopping back to the US side, visited the Henry Ford Museum, and final meet Ariel Kuo for the first time. 

Home-bound air from DTW to BOS, what's waiting ahead was yet another holiday feast... always a great way to end a trip.